New York asks government to reimburse city $35 million in Trump security cost

The White House has always revered itself to be one of the most secure locations in the country, and rightfully so as it houses the most powerful man in the free world, the president of the United States. While president-elect Trump has yet to formally transfer to the iconic presidential residence, New York City has now revealed that they are formally asking the federal government to reimburse them for the security expenses they have incurred, and will incur, in providing around the clock security for Trump and his New York home.

According to the New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, who revealed the request during a news conference unrelated to the topic, his city's security expenses are expected to reach $35 million up until Jan. 20, when Trump will formally be inaugurated and transferring to the White House. The city's officials had based their estimates on their daily expenditure towards Trump's security, which reaches up to $500,00 per day. The figure also includes the money they had spent right after Trump's win up to his Inauguration Day.

The New York Police Department has apparently been having a difficult time in securing the area around Trump Tower, where Trump and his family resides, forcing them to deploy more enforcers, traffic agents, and security agents in the area. The 58-story tower lies in a heavily congested area on New York City's iconic Fifth Avenue, near Central Park. Thousands of tourist, sightseers, and pedestrians continually flock to the area in hopes of getting a glimpse of Trump or other national politicians. The dramatic increase in foot and vehicle traffic has become a nightmare for law enforcement as well as for the high end shops and establishments in and around the immediate vicinity of the Trump Tower.

"It is a high-density neighborhood and street traffic easily obstructs pathways to and from the building, making it profoundly challenging for the NYPD to establish a secure perimeter," Mayor de Balsio had written on his letter to the President and members of Congress. 

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