Rush Limbaugh justifies Trump's planned trillion-dollar infrastructure program

The highly popular and influential American talk show host, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, is usually known to be quite conservative and very vocal about his political views. However, his recent rant on his morning radio talk show apparently features him praising president-elect Donald Trump's planned infrastructure program. The program itself was proclaimed to be a trillion-dollar project that would significantly improve all of the infrastructures around the country, including airports, bridges, and roads.

During his talk, Limbaugh explained that the bigger picture of Trump's plans is that people will immediately be able to see tangible results. With the improvement of infrastructures around the country, economic growth will soon follow and that people will ultimately find no fault in the results despite its cost. Limbaugh did not care to explain what was wrong with the entire plan, and only spent his time in justifying Trump's planned "investment," which has been viewed by some as a code word for government spending.

Several reports have argued that there is a gaping hole in the entire plan as more spending would ultimately mean more taxes. Spending money in one thing would mean the loss of money somewhere else. If the building of a bridge translates to new jobs for bridge makers, it would in turn result in lost jobs and money somewhere else.

Some reports predict that if the infrastructure plan comes into fruition, Trump will likely be proposing an increase in taxes for the wealthy, which will then lead to an increase in taxes overall. There are also arguments that a trillion-dollar project might not be beneficial to the economy as a whole as the country is currently about $20 trillion in debt, with hundreds of trillions more in liabilities. The growing debt will in turn translate to a more volatile economy for the next generation, who might be the ones feeling the blunt of the damage done by too much government spending.

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