Donald Trump Supports The Dakota Access Pipeline

North Dakota News 2016 - "The US President-elect, Donald Trump,will support the Dakota Access Pipeline even not yet decided on its completion". Said Jason Miller. Miller's comment came out after the US Army made a decision not allowed to use alternative routes as a final section of pipeline to be considered. The decision becomes a win celebrated by all protesters in North Dakota.

The 1,200 miles (1.900 km ) pipelines across the four stated it's intended to cut off transfer cost of crude. This closely done just need to complete a run-project under Lake Oahe.  The standing Rock Sioux Tribe, protesters against the Dakota pipelines, once complained the pipelines will contaminate the drinking water resources and breaking up the sacred tombs.

The Dakota project has made clashes between protester and government official after becoming big concerns of Dakota for months. All the protesters doing a symbolic-winning celebration as U.S Army Corps of Engineer decided not to allow pipelines finishing which causing a bad impact of environmental.

All the American activist and protester including native American cheered up to celebrate a winning after the US Army's decision announced. 

Sunoco Logistics and Energy Transfer Partners ( ETP ), both companies get involved in Dakota Pipelines project, stated the decision announced by US Army Corps having political substances.

Both companies also accused the White House breaking the rules and to give a point to a politic constituency, after knowing if Dakota project has court approval.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) dan Sunoco Logistics also added "We just expect to complete the Dakota pipelines construction without additional alternative routes and nearby Lake Oahe". The Governor, Jack Dalrymple, and All the North Dakota's politicians called that decision as a serious mistake.

"I hope that The Governor of North Dakota, Jack Dalrymple, Donald Trump and ETP will work together to get this project done". said The Chairman of Standing Rock, Dave Archambault II.

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