News Dec 06, 2016 08:02 PM EST

Trump sees growing lead in Wisconsin recount initial results

By Charleston Lim

The latest figures in the multi-million dollar presidential election recount has now been published online, and it seems like the entire effort may have been in vain as the results show President-elect Donald Trump's clear lead over democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Tallying the complete recount figures in Wisconsin is still ongoing, with numbers being directly added up into different spreadsheets published on the Wisconsin Election Commission website.

The results for the recount's fourth day however seems to have backfired on the process' initial goal, as it has now expanded Trump's win over Clinton by over 110 votes. The recount process itself was initiated by the Green Party's candidate, Jill Stein, who was also able to start the same process in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The recount suit in Pennsylvania was however immediately dropped. The recount process itself was met with much legal hurdles, but the Election Commission had given it the green light given the possibility of the party's claim of a likely election result hacking.

Trump on the other hand, immediately posted his reaction on his official Twitter account mentioning the dropping of the Pennsylvania recount suit and how the entire things was a scam by The Green Party and Jill Stein to raise money.

As for the day four results in the Wisconsin recount, majority of the changes found in different counties remain to be in single digits. Other counties with the biggest swings includes Crawford County, where Trump lost 11 votes, and Ozaukee and Washburn counties, where Trump earned 33 votes each. Meanwhile, Clinton lost 19 votes in Winnebago County and earned 37 votes in Racine County.

The Election Commission explained that the changes can be attributed to unopened ballots, non-standard marks on the ballots, and missing absentee envelopes. No changes in the number of votes have thus far been noticed among the other six counties that have had their re-tallying completed.

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