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Donald Trump : Just Screw Them If China Doesn't Like It

By Patar Nelson Toruan

Donald Trump News - Donald Trump said to "Screw 'em" to the President of Taiwan said The US President-elect adviser in related to China's displeasure.  Economic Chief of the heritage foundation, Stephen More, said that The US President-elect  made a right decision by directly speaking to the president of Taiwan on the phone in related to China's disappointment, considered China as a breakaway province.

Mr. Trump said " I never want to think if we insulted the Chinese. When people said that we are not allowed to underestimate some races, especially Chinese, It shows that too many weak people inside of International policy shops.  Freedom in Taiwan becomes the reason why US has backed up and get back to them and making Taiwan as part of US ally. Just Screw them if China dislikes that.

We keep on watching on the China's situation, said Stephen Moore. He added " We stand up to all those bullies and what they are doing at east. It's all about the time we doing and what Reagan did "

Mr. Moore's comment came out after a diplomatic row by Mr. Trump judged currency manipulation done by China.  He also becomes the first US President-elect since 1979 speaking over the phone to Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan in regards to country polemic. And He never thinks that Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

What Mr. Trump did, by speaking over the phone to the president of Taiwan, could break up the relationship between United State of America and China. But U.S officials has made some efforts to reassure the Chinese Government Official. said Barack Obama's Spokesman, Josh Earnest. 

Mr. Trump once claimed that climate exchange is a part of hoax invented by Chinese to reverse course dramatically on issues he  faced to Al Gore as former United Stated of America Vice President and the environmental activist. 

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