News Dec 06, 2016 08:01 PM EST

Chinese netizens mocks Trump's latest Twitter outburst

By Charleston Lim

President-elect Donald J. Trump has been quite vocal about his stance on various matters, and now with the help of social media, his voice is being heard around the world. Trump recently posted a series of tweets revealing his opinion on China's monetary policy and of its current actions regarding the highly disputed territories in the South China Sea. Several publications in China as well as a number of its citizens were quick to respond to the tweets, with some even mocking the president-elect on how he is essentially running the country through Twitter.

Trump's latest online outburst were met with mixed reactions from citizens in both the United States and China. The president-elect directly mentioned his views on China's monetary policy and how the country devalued their currency which resulted in its unfair advantage over U.S.-based companies. Trump mentioned that the United States currently doesn't tax goods entering into the country from China, but China on the other hand heavily taxes products coming from the United States.

Trump then goes on to mention China's current action of building massive military structures in the middle of the highly contested islands in the South China Sea, and how they never bothered to ask the United States about it.

Earlier in the week, China's foreign ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, mentioned that the trade arrangement between both countries have been highly beneficial for both countries. When asked about their reactions to Trump's recent rant, the spokesman merely stated that they do not really want to speculate about the motivation behind Trump's statements.

While China's official statements were on the cautious side, local publications and social media users were a bit more blunt about their reactions. Several users on China's own Twitter website, Weibo, outright mocked Trump's statements and mentions how Trump is currently running the country with Twitter. Another user even goads the White House into cancelling Trump's Twitter account so they can have at least one day in peace.

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