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Toyota Targets Zero Emissions, Collaborates with Toshiba Corp, Iwatani Corp and Local Government for Hydrogen Fuel Cell

By Staff Writer

Toyota Motor Corp. works with the local Japanese governments to create hydrogen from wind-power electricity.  This collaboration answers the major criticism that hydrogen for the fuel is not environment-friendly. It also collaborates with Toshiba and Iwatani Corp. which is a hydrogen company.

It was announced on Monday that the project includes Toshiba Corp., a Japanese and energy company, and hydrogen company Iwatani Corp. The hydrogen from the wind-power plant Hama situated in Yokohama will be compressed and will be carried by a truck to market, two warehouses and a factory, as reported by abcNews.

According to the Toyota website, efforts are being facilitated to utilize hydrogen power which is the most bountiful element in the universe.  As Toyota acknowledges hydrogen's massive potential being a clean energy source, the carmaker company develops and produces fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

To power a motor, fuel cell vehicles will generate electricity between the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.  Instead of using gasoline as fuel, hydrogen will be used being an environment-friendly energy source which can be produced from different raw materials.

It was in 1992 that Toyota started its exertion about hydrogen's maintainable mobility to become a reality even before Prius was released.  Toyota began the sale of "Toyota FCHV", the world's first limited fuel cell car in Japan and the U.S. in 2002.

Vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells are not that much popular yet although many carmakers have invested in building hydrogen fuel cell cars like Toyota, General Motors and Honda.  Last year, Toyota launched a small output of Mirai in the U.S. that makes use of compressed-hydrogen tanks.    

A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that uses "metal hydride" fuel cell (hydrogen confined with a metal), the hydrogen gas that was injected into the vehicle will be chemically consumed by the magnesium nanocrystaline powder and delivered safe at low pressures, reports.

As climate change worsens, Toyota is finding ways to fuel its cars with environment-friendly hydrogen fuel. It partners with local government and other Japanese companies like Toshiba Corp. and Iwatani Corp. to acquire the said fuel for its hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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