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Stardock Enable Gamers to Install NVIDIA and AMD Video Cards in One PC

By Staff Writer

Gamers are now able to take best of both worlds in NVIDIA and AMD, as Stardock disclosed its new tech. New software from Stardock will enable users to have both graphic cards installed in their PC without commotion of installing complicated driver.

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell said his company's innovation in an interview with GamesBeat as reported byVenture Beat. He revealed the radical idea is a software solution as part of DirectX 12 that enable users, particularly gamers, to use AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards without a tiresome setup.

Previously, in order to have multiple graphic cards in the same PC and link them, users need to use identical cards from the same manufacturer. Now, with this new feature, users can have different cards installed in one PC. Microsoft and Stardock has planned to discuss this innovation in San Fransisco's Game Developers Conference this week.

In gaming industry, NVIDIA and AMD are two frontliners in the most advanced video card for gaming purpose. Both of them have their specific ingenuity in their technology, and ability to combine both video card will be a game changer. It is because the latest video card from either NVIDIA and AMD is very expensive.

"One of the biggest problems with games is that a new video card comes out from AMD and Nvidia, and they're like [expensive], and you have to make a call. I like my video card. I can play most games on it, and I don't want to spend $800 on some new video card. But imagine, instead, hey, they're having a sale [using my GTX 760 as an example]. Hey, they're having a sale on an AMD 290 for $75. Wouldn't it be cool to put this into your computer and double your performance." Stardock CEO Wardell told Venture Beat.

Stuff reported that Stardock solution could potentially help people saving money. As they can buy only one latest video card, instead of two cards, and install it alongside their current graphic cards.

Recently, NVIDIA is rumored to prepare the latest video cards with major enhancement in Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) called GTX 1080 as Digital Trends reported. While AMD has also prepared new graphic card with its XConnect technology to match NVIDIA.

Stardock is a well-known game maker with its PC-based strategy game such as Galactic Civilizations series, The Dark Avatar and its latest Ashes of the Singularity. Prior to be a famous game developer, Stardock was a software developer, building many customization softwares for Microsoft Windows. This new tool will be a new addition to its library.

With its new tool, Stardock has provided solution for avid gamers. They now do not have to be confused to choose either NVIDIA or AMD video cards, because they can install both of them in the same PC.

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