HTC Vive Will Have Google Tilt Application Pre-Installed

HTC announced to bundle its virtual reality (VR) headset Google Tilt painting application on Monday last week. HTC Vive will start its shipment in early April as pre-order has been opened. Two simulation games will also be pre-installed.

HTC is the long time partner of Google, as pioneer of Android smartphone. The Taiwanese electronic company was the first handphone that used Android in 2008 with HTC Dream. Now, HTC partners the search engine giiant to have Google Tilt painting application pre-installed in HTC Vive.

In VR headset, HTC will have to take on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR in the segment. The company has gained a praised for its excellent device. CNET Editor Will Greenwald in his PC Magazine review wrote that HTC Vice, "is a technically impressive combination of headset, motion controls, and remote sensors that can produce what Valve and HTC describe as whole-room VR."

Mr. Greenwald mention HTC Vive has advantage in its headset, motion controllers, and area-defining base station. The VR also has an excellent motion tracking and immersive VR experience. However, as a tethered headset, there is downside which can be inconvenient to use due to its cable which can be bothersome even with very long cable.

HTC Vive also have its Steam VR-ready developer kit which he praised as one of the most comprehensive virtual reality packages. Furthermore, Will Greenward also commented, "The SteamVR titles I tried with the Vive Pre are striking because of the VR experience, but visually they aren't nearly as detailed or realistic as big-budget game releases."

The HTC Vive is sold at $799. As a tethered VR-device, it has to be connected to a PC. HTC recommend a minimum specification of Intel Core i5-4590 or equivalent CPU, a GeForce GTX 970 video card, 4GB of RAM, with a free HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2 video output.

HTC announced on Monday, February 29 as Taipei Times reported to have a pre-installed Google Tilt. HTC Vive will also have two other games preinstalled: the real-life simulation game Job Simulator and building game Fantastic Contraption. The VR headset will shipped starting early April by preorders which began last week, and individual customers can buy only one unit.

Following the announcement, customers worldwide were rushing to order. Within 10 minutes, HTC has sold 15,000 units of the virtual reality headset. In developing HTC Vive, the company is working together with US video game company Valve Corp., the maker of Counter Strike popular video game.

Following its announcement and positive respond from the customers, the company's share surges sharply on Friday. China Post reported the company's stock soared to NT$89.9 (US$2.72) during the session as investors took cues from HTC's report of its global pre-order sales of the Vive headset.

With its new VR headset to be shipped in April and strong market response, HTC showed itself as a strong contender for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift in virtual reality market. The company's share also ascended high after a positive result.

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