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Google To Glorify Consumer Friendly Image with 'Chrome for Work Assist' and 'Chromecast Audio'

By Staff Writer

Google has announced on Monday offering 24/7 phone and email customer support for businesses. The support will be offered even to those who are not paying to use Google apps like Gmail and Docs. The announcement appears just after releasing a video demonstrating Chromecast Audio Capabilities, a Google effort to describe the audio app operations.

Chrome for Work Assist, the new program is a contacting feature. Neither the Google blog-post has announced the news nor does its website promote pricing information, according to a report published in VentureBeat.

The new feature provides Chrome browser support to non-Google apps customers who choose Chrome as their standard workplace web browser. To deploy and manage the Chrome aiming to enjoy the benefits of Chrome for Work Assist, requires to perform some steps furnished in the website of Google Support.

Before launching the feature, Chrome support has been available for Google apps customers only. Currently, Chrome for Work Assist is available only in the US and Canada. But it will become more widely available in the future. Furthermore, Google will help companies deploy Chrome across their workforce in the new offering, cites Saswat Panigrahi, work product manager for Google through his blog-post.

In another development, Google has released a short but informative video demonstrating precisely Chromecast Audio Capabilities. The succinct clip explains how to cast songs from a phone or a tablet directly to one's speaker and is only a little over a minute long. However, the video may be skipped if the user is not inclined to watch some professional actors demonstrating the procedure in 1080p, reports Android Headlines.

The video also demos streaming the user's own songs to a speaker without any further pairing required for the WiFi network connected Chromecast Audio. Furthermore, Chromecast audio and related apps may also turn the portable device into a remote control for a specific speaker; the casting gadget is connected to.

Through acquiring Bebop in last year, Google has hired enterprise software veteran Diane Greene. Since that acquisition, Google is trying to make its technology a better choice.

Through Bebop, Google has quietly launched a content delivery network and its competitor to public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Lambda event-driven computing service. Google has also disclosed last week migrating Spotify's data infrastructure from AWS to the Google Cloud Platform. With all these recent moves, Google is probably attempting to represent itself as a consumer focused company.

Google has probably observed the features involved in its Chromecast Audio as not user friendly. So it has approached helping its users through video demonstrating operation procedures. On Monday, Google has announced 24/7 contact service for non-Chrome Google app users, which has been limited for the Chrome users earlier. All these have been analyzed as Google's efforts to uphold its consumer friendly image. 

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