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Greece Recalls Its Ambassador in Austria Over Migrant Dispute

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Greece was recalling its ambassador from Austria as its respond to migrant dispute between Greece and its Balkan neighbors. Meanwhile, majority of people are not satisfied with government's way in handling economic crisis according to survey.

BBC News reported that as Greece made its decision following a meeting hosted by Austria over migrant issue. The meeting was held with Balkan states while Greece was not invited. At the same time, Europen Union and interior ministers from Balkan countries were also attended a meeting to bridge the disagreement regarding migrants.

Migration commisioner of EU said that current migration system would break within weeks. Austria, Serbia and Macedonia have limited entry to migrants, which threatened Europe's Schengen passport-free travel area spanning 26 countries. The measures also angered Greece which responded by recalling its ambassador to Austria,

Greek Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas said his country would "not accept becoming Europe's Lebanon," which has been sheltering a million of the four million Syrians who fled the country to escape civil war. Last year, there were more than one million migrants entered the EU resulting a migrant crisis, while in this year alone, 100,000 of migrants arrived in Greece from Turkey.

As the migrant is continuously flooding its border, Greece found itself trapped in the middle of migrant crisis. Austria limited the number of refugees allowed to cross its border, while every week thousand of migrants landed in Greece creating more problem for the country's ailing economy.

While German's Chancellor Angela Merkel in a televised interview said Greece needs help in managing refugee crisis to prevent the country into chaos. As quoted by Bloomberg, ms. Merkel said, "We didn't keep Greece in the euro only to leave a country that's part of the euro zone and the Schengen area -- a country that has many problems -- in the lurch," she told the reporter. "That's exactly what I'm afraid of: someone defines a border, and others suffer."

While most of Greek citizens have shown disapproval of government's way of handling its economic crisis which aggregated with migrant crisis. Xinhua cited a recent poll by Greek's Vima newspaper and Parapolitika daily.

Many respondents disagree with governing style of current Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, as 70% gave a negative marks on his leadership style. While 85% said the country is heading toward a wrong direction, while six out of ten respondents viewed government's response to the refugee crisis as negative.

Greece is trapped in the European migrant crisis. Number of migrants entering the countries continue to grow while its neighboring countries are closing their borders, adding problem to its ailing economy. While EU will attend a summit in March to discuss limiting the number of migrants.

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