Oppo Introduces Super Vooc Flash, The Ultra Fast Charging Technology

Oppo Electronics Corp., the Chinese electronics manufacturer, has unveiled on Tuesday a new version of ultra fast charging technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company reveals, its Super Vooc Flash Charge may be charged fully in just 15 minutes.

The electronics company hasn't provided information on availability of the battery in the market or supporting phone types. But Oppo representative in Barcelona conference has hinted for availability in a shorter time, reports Gizmag.

The charger is probably still in the prototyping stage and hence compatible devices are not announced yet. Similarly, the charger is not compatible to existing phones and so probably going to be exclusive for future Oppo releases, predicts Android Central.

The prototype equipped with Oppo's new Super Vooc technology has been charged from 5% to 58% in just five minutes during the display session in Barcelona. Charging only for 5 minutes will offer 10 hours' talk time.

Power is delivered in the Oppo developed device at a consistent 5V featuring no additional heat issues. Moreover, no harmful impact exerts on the life of the battery inside the phone. The Oppo Vooc Flash is capable of charging a 2500 mAh battery up to 45% in just 5 minutes.

The power adapter, cable and connector inside Oppo device have been designed with military grade materials. Furthermore, the Super Vooc Flash supports both microUSB and USB-C.

Manufacturers and electronics firms are much more successful in improving charging times than extending the life spans of portable gadgets in recent years. Every top branded Android phone now includes a version of Qualcomm's Quick charge tech and the new Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Using this technology, a 2750 mAh battery can be charged from 0-85% in just 35 minutes.

The Oppo developed charger maintains low temperatures while being used in charging state. The Chinese electronics giant will be able to ship devices with Super Vooc later this year, predicts The Next Web quoting Luma Lu, technology planning director for Oppo.

Super Vooc is superior to rival quick charging technologies offered by processor makers Qualcomm and MediaTek, claims Oppo. It is capable of operating at a lower voltage and diminishes the risk of overheating, argues Oppo representatives in support of their claims.

Oppo Electronics has introduced an ultra fast charging technology, the Super Vooc Flash during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The new charging device is capable of getting charged in just 15 minutes. Oppo officials predict to launch the product later this year.

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