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McDonald's Introduces Chobani-yoghurt Parfaits and Smoothies, Breakfast Bowls

By Staff Writer

McDonald's is adapting some new changes to its menus as it partners with Greek yoghurt-maker Chobani.  The all-time American favorite restaurant is incorporating yoghurt to its parfaits and smoothies. The new food items will be introduced in Southern California as the fast-food restaurant chain converts to 'modern, progressive burger company'.

McDonald's and Chobani partnership is restricted to a regional test in Los Angeles and San Diego comprising of 800 restaurants, said McDonald's spokeswoman, Lisa McComb.  She wrote that, "It's very premature to determine if it may expand."

The transformation in Southern California came up as McDonald's Corp. struggles to raise its image since the decline in sales due to changing tastes and stronger competition.  One of the biggest moves made by CEO Steve Easterbrook was the introduction of the all-day breakfast menu that started October which generated positive feedback for the company, as reported by abc NEWS.

According to The San Diego Union Tribune, all of McDonald's 800 Southern California restaurant chains will serve 2 choices of sumptuous breakfast bowls added to its menu.  The first breakfast bowl contains a combination of turkey sausage, egg whites and kale while the other breakfast bowl consists of crispy hash browns, scrambled eggs, and chorizo.  These new addition to the menu will only be available during morning hours but there is a possibility that they will be included in the all-day menu depending on how customers welcome them.

The Southern California fast food chains will also serve 'Simple Delights Menu' that craves optional servings of apple slices, smoothies  and Chobani yoghurt parfait, CNBC reports.

The fruit 'n yoghurt parfaits and McCafé will be incorporated with Chobani Greek non-fat vanilla yoghurt.  The smoothies and parfaits will be available starting March 10-12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. McDonald's USA's Southern California marketing director Max Gallegos said that Southern California is the foremost place for introducing new ideas as well as a test market.  It also serves as a great image for their customer base.

Now that McDonald's and Chobani are partners in the introduction of new food items, McDonald's is hoping on sales and revenue growth.  This is another step on how the fast food chain transform into a 'modern and progressive burger company'.

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