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Audi To Feature Fuel Efficient A4 Allroad quattro

By Staff Writer

Audi has developed A4 Allroad quattro, an ultra version of the quattro all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. The system is going to be available for numerous Audi models that have their engines mounted longitudinally in the front. However, A4 Allroad quattro, all set to hit the market in the middle of this year, will be the first ever Audi to feature the ultra version of the quattro system.

The latest version features a set up that allow the rear axle and differential to be decoupled entirely, unlike Audi's previous Torsen and Haldex-based systems. It is capable of cutting friction losses and is believed to improve emissions and efficiency, reports CAR Magazine.

The new system shows no discernible differences to permanent systems with respect to traction and driving dynamics. This indicates a fuel saving measure and Audi claims for saving 0.3 liters for every 100 kilometers when tested in Ingolstadt traffic, according to a report published in the Jalopnik.

Audi's quattro ultra system is claimed to work in a predictive manner and uses an array of sensors to predict its intervention requirement. The system will analyze driver behavior, road condition information and driving dynamics analysis. The result is used to determine when the rear axle should be coupled back to the power train and for how long, reports Autoevoloution.

The coupling of the rear axle has been done with a set of electronically controlled multi-plate clutches. One set of the clutches is positioned on the transfer box while the second set is located in the differential. The A4 Allroad quattro functions more with front wheel drive while offering three stage strategies- proactive, predictive and reactive.

The computers with the quattro ultra system is capable of predicting when tires reach their limit of grip using data gathered by already existent sensors. The prediction helps to determine when to activate the all wheel drive system and this appears as proactive strategy. However, predictive activation of the AWD system focuses on driver input and behavior and drive mode selected.

The reactive activation of the quattro system will appear when the wheels will shift from dry asphalt to a sheet of rice. In such a case, the system responds in record time.

The new generation quattro requires a heavy investment from Audi to develop. But Audi forecasts, the car will not be priced at a significant premium above models with the existing system.

Audi is all set to hit the market with a fuel efficient A4 Allroad quattro. The A4 Allroad quattro functions more with front wheel drive while offering three stage strategies- proactive, predictive and reactive. Though developing the car requires a huge investment, but Audi hints it won't be priced with higher premium.

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