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Samsung Ventures into Smart Shoes As Well, Targeting On Fitness And Golf

By Staff Writer

New smart shoes have been developed by Salted Venture, which is the first start-up supported by Samsung. The high-tech shoes are claimed to be very beneficial for fitness and golf activities.

According to Slash Gear, Samsung develops innovations program, which is called as C-Lab. This program is aimed at facilitating inventive ideas. The company will see ideas that are potential, and will offer projects to develop them. Salted Venture is one of Samsung's start-up companies to prepare the innovation; the smart shoe, IOFIT.

The targets of the new smart shoes are individuals who love fitness and golf. There is an implanted sensor in each shoe that can count the power at different areas around the foot. This is useful to decide things like weight shift, balance, ground contact force, center of gravity, and more. Users can stream this information to their smartphones, and enable them to get real-time for different ranges of activities during fitness. As for golfers, It also helps their golf swing.   

Salted Venture CEO, Jacob Cho, said, "Balance is an essential aspect of all fitness workouts and golf swing mechanism. Without it, there is greater exposure to injury and wasteful energy consumption, making fitness workouts a lot less effective and dangerous. For golf, proper balance and weight shift is crucial to generate club head speed and power. We wanted to solve this problem not just with our guts, but with actual data telling us how we are performing."

Meanwhile, Venture Beat mentioned that the IOFIT isn't the first smart shoe ever developed. However, most of them are aimed mainly for running activities. While Salted Venture has stated that it's focusing on the fitness and golf areas. The company has said that foot position is a vital part of the golf swing, that is why the company visualizes its innovation as an additional key to the sport.

Lenovo had come up with demoed keen shoes last year, which had a screen that shows your mood. Despite the fact that it was still in concept, it can indicate that people will go to a time where non-living things can communicate.

The Digital Trends informed that the shoe is quite flexible to be used for other kinds of sports using the same data application, such as cross training and weight lifting. These sports need good balance and right pose in order to effectively grow muscles and avoid injuries.

The smart shoe is also completed by some features, including the coaching modes, a video mode to check postures, and a way to information with a trainer. However, IOFIT will not use the brand Samsung. It still tries to find a partner, and will be displayed at the Mobile World Congress this end of February. With the advanced technology offered, Salted Ventures should not find difficulties to engage popular sport brands.

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