Tesla's Summon feature to Fortify Company's Entry into Autonomous Driving

Tesla is upgrading their software for their cars, pushing into a more autonomous vehicle for the consumer. The company had already introduced its Autopilot features in January and now has released parking technology called Summon.

Summon is remote parking technology in its 7.1 software update that Tesla hopes will help with safety for driver. Its focus is on three goals: close quarter operation, better convenience for the driver, and the future of autonomous transportation. Business Insider quotes a line from the post, saying, "While many of (the new features from the update) move the ball forward toward a safer autonomous future, none is more significant than the remote parking technology known as Summon."

In regards to close quarter operation, Tesla stated in their blog post about the new feature, that there were already safety risks when drivers attempt to operate in confined spaces. The areas immediately around the car can hide pedestrians, pets, or other hazards.

Summon would allow the driver to remotely retrieve the vehicle, allowing the driver full view of any possible dangers to the car. The driver simply taps the app, key fob, or door handle to cancel the operation.

The feature will also allow the driver more convenience by allowing vehicles to park in spaces that most drivers would deem too narrow since the doors may have been blocked. Summon would allow more accessibility so that the driver can load who or what they need into the vehicle.

In conjunction with Autopilot, the two features create a basis for the future of autonomous driving. Autopilot has its focus while the driver is on the road and Summon has its focus for the driver when it's home, covering a lot of the various hazards in either situation.

The new Autopilot feature would give the Model S the capability to automatically drive on the highway by allowing the ultrasonic sensors to help direct and understand the current environment of the car. There is also radar and a forward-looking camera to further add to the information the car needs to drive itself.

The Motley Fool noted that because the company had already started to gather data on how their feature can help make driving safer, it is possible that Tesla could achieve autonomous driving faster, since regulatory committees could analyze and support them based on the data. They also cited a statement from Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, saying that he believed that the company could make strides with autonomous driving in regards to increase safety within 2016.

In the end, the confidence and physical support through data that Tesla is presenting to the public and the government could make the company the forerunner in the autonomous vehicle industry, something that Tesla is striving for. Further updates to the Model S and other cars in the line can only improve their chances.

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