McDonald’s gets a multi-color makeover as CEO pushes the company to be a modern, progressive burger company

It's the new year and McDonald's is adapting a new look, giving its packaging a colorful makeover and letting go of the familiar gold, red and white colors with Passionate Purple, Optimistic Orange and Magical Magenta to name a few.

AD Age reported that the giant food chain updated its iconic Golden Arches with overhauled takeout bags, boxes and cups that have bright letterings.

This bright new face has a long list of people to thank for since the company has hired seven creative people from seven agencies, who were then sent to London Shoreditch to brainstorm for a week. The objective was to come up with packaging designs that will work with McDonald's updated designs.

Matt Biespiel, McDonald's Global Marketing senior director, said in a statement that McDonald's cater to 69 million visitors a day and that this new packaging "will be a noticeable change." He also added "It was fun to join these ideas together and create playful pieces that connect our customers to the Brand."

According to ABC News, the new look will now be distributed to the 36,000 branches all over the world throughout 2016.  "McDonald's is a fun and modern brand and this was a progressive way to turn our packaging into art and support a community where fashion is an expression," Biespiel said.

The Business Insider writes that McDonald's packaging has been white since 2013, but with the new design the packaging finally looks busy. These new packages will also come from certified or recycled sources as McDonald's has a goal of sourcing 100% of it from them by 2020. By the end of 2014, the company already reached 27% of that goal.

To add hype to the launching, the company has asked two students from the University of Miami to create a "couture collection" out of the new packaging. The collection produced within 48 hours included one sun hat, four handbags, a pair of straw-spiked shoes, and one backpack.

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