Electric Microbus: Diesel gate Riddled Volkswagen’s Image Recovery Stunt

Volkswagen (VW) is seriously planning to plug a new generation of the legendary Microbus back into its lineup, as an all-electric plug-in van. Debut of a new concept vehicle at the ongoing Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the boosted German carmaker has portrayed the features of a new electric car in its CES keynote.

While facing a civil suit in the US for violating the Federal emissions laws, presenting the keynote, VW has initiated its voyage to boost eco profile. The company showed off the BUDD-e new concept bus packed with technology based gadgets unlike other concept cars, reports CarBuzz.

The Budd-e is a multi-tool, designed to function as a home auxiliary power unit and communicating with a Smart Home or office setup. It may also turn the vehicle into a mobile mailbox for package delivery, using a digital key.

Terming Budd-e as the first car in the internet of things, Volkswagen CEO Hertbert Diess has demoed opening the car through the front door of a house. He has also staged checking a fridge camera to define the household shopping requirements.

VW's Modular Electric Platform (MEB) has been featured as the future of electric vehicles. Batteries of the vehicle are projected to get an 80% charge in 15 minutes. Not as quick as a filing up with gas, but pretty quick. Currently a Tesla Supercharger replenishes 50 percent of a battery in about 20 minutes, reports Engadget.

The MEB platform has been designed for plug-in vehicles with completely new 101 kilo-watt per hour battery pack. Front and rear motors have been forecast to provide all-wheel drive and a top speed of 93 miles per hour, according to a report published in the Motor Authority.

The battery packs are placed flat on the vehicle floor and believed to reduce their required space. Thus the MEB platform gets more space for the compact engine components and increases cabin space. With a projected range of 373 miles, VW may hit market with electricity-driven bus by 2019.

Inside the car, the Active Info Display turns the dash into a giant display that may be connected to tablets, smartphones and IoT devices. It may be controlled via gestures, touch screens and voice and passengers will enjoy interacting with their smart homes.

Facing a huge blow for Diesel gate controversy, tattered Volkswagen has presented a keynote while demonstrating an electricity run microbus. The demonstrations have been made in the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and are believed to be automaker's desperate bid for boosting its eco prophylactic efforts. Batteries of the microbus are believed to get charged fully by around 20 minutes, somewhat less compared to Tesla Supercharger.


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