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GPS Navigation Featured Subaru Vehicles Pledge For Voice Guided Navigation

By Staff Writer

Subaru discloses inclusion of Magellan's SmartGPS navigation in vehicles equipped with Subaru StarLink platform through a press release. The Subaru Starlink infotainment systems utilizes Clarion's advanced Smart AccessTM cloud connectivity platform.

The information based entertainment system controls cloud based applications directly through the infotainment screen and provides immediate access to Magellan's SmartGPS navigation. The navigation app also provides a voice-guided full navigation, reports Automotive Fleet.

The navigation app allows car owners to add two of the latest high-tech accident avoidance features on the cheap, naming forward collision and lane departure warning systems. The former sounds an alert if the vehicle is closing in another car or other obstruction too quickly. However, the latter warns the driver if the vehicle is inadvertently drifting across highway lane markers.

The Subaru Starlink app has been designed to support both Apple iOS and Android smartphones and brings continuously updated cloud applications to the vehicle's center stack display.  Drivers are then able to access Magellan's SmartGPS, allowing for safe access and display on the vehicles touch panel, reports PR Newswire.

Magellan's navigation and routing engines have been developed and proven through years of R&D and testing. Subaru's Starlink infotainment also allows owners easy access to Liberty Mutual's RightTrack usage-based insurance program later in the year.

The RightTrack in-vehicle app will provide real-time driving assessment and coaching for Subaru owners based on their actual driving behavior. The program users will be able to save up to 30 percent off their insurance bill. They will also get nearly real-time feedback about their driving that could make them safer behind the wheel, reports Autoblog.

Liberty Mutual's RightTrack usage-based insurance program helps customers to save their auto insurance bills based on their driving habits. Moreover, Subaru owners may also qualify for additional savings through Liberty Mutual's affinity program. Noteworthy that Subaru of America, Inc. has been in a partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance since 2002.

The RightTrack app should be available in late spring on any Subaru with the Starlink infotainment system. In the near future, Subaru Starlink users will also receive benefits such as severe weather alerts, accident scene assistance and roadside assistance directly to their connected vehicle.

Subaru discloses inclusion of Magellan's SmartGPS navigation in vehicles equipped with Subaru StarLink platform. The automaker still continues to disclose that it has signed agreement with Liberty Mutual Insurance for offering RightTrack usage-based insurance program later in the year. The navigation app provides voice guided full navigation. And RightTrack offers nearly real-time feedback about driving in addition to reduce insurance premium.


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