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Yahoo logs off video service Yahoo Screen

By Staff Writer

With dwindling number of viewers of Yahoo Screen, Yahoo has closed down its video service. Impacting the ad revenues, US traffic to Yahoo Screen dropped by over a quarter in two years. The Yahoo Screen video service is no longer listed on Yahoo's home page.  

Yahoo Screen is the Yahoo's digital video service. Yahoo! Screen was an on-demand streaming service for TV shows, movies webisodes and other new media from Yahoo Inc. The closing of Yahoo Screen hit the media on Monday (4 January 2016). 

Since February 2013, the number of viewers to Yahoo Screen had been declining. Yahoo has logged off this video service. If anyone tries to visit the Yahoo Screen page, it'll direct them to Yahoo's home page, as reported by AdvertisingAge India.

Though Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo, was keen on digital video content, the audience didn't take it up that much seriously. The US traffic fell 28 percent during October 2013 and October 2015, according to ComScore. 

According to a report by VARIETY, Yahoo Screen was launched two years ago and platform to everything from recent streaming of NFL game to licensed clips of Saturday Night Live. Yahoo has written down $42 million on Yahoo Screen. 

However, spokesowman at Yahoo didn't reveal any further info on the closure of Yahoo Screen. The Yahoo Screen homepage had editorially-featured videos that change daily and skew towards comedy, current events and viral videos. 

The library on Yahoo Screen included many programs including Saturday Night Live clips. The library had content of several original videos. These videos are not going anywhere as Yahoo is planning to place them alongside other content. Relevant videos in the library can be accessed along with suitable topics in digital magazines. 

Even after the closure of Yahoo Screen, the woes at Yahoo are expected to continue, according to engadget. Yahoo Screen had played a vital role in the revival of Community after NBC cancelled the show. It also hosted the first NFL livestream of a regular season game.

Yahoo put in its best efforts to compete with Google's YouTube, Netflix and Hulu in digital video space. Yahoo screen facilitated audiences to produce their own shows like 'Other Space.' Yahoo Screen was also platform to the first ever free global livestream of an NFL game. However, this program didn't work as it was anticipated. 

Yahoo had revived the cancelled NBC sitcom 'Community' and hired Katie Couric to anchor live new coverage and host interviews. Yahoo had also entered into some agreements with media companies including BuzzFeed and Comedy Central.

The original programs failed to attract the required level of audience. This further impacted ad revenues for Yahoo. Subsequently, Yahoo in October 2015 devalued video business by $42 million.

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