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"More", "Less", and "Better": These 9 Apps will Help You Reach Your New Year's Goals

By Staff Writer

New Year Resolution's are the easiest to make and the hardest to keep. But with the help of these apps, you might be able to give yourself a chance to continue your resolutions into February, or even later into the year!

To improve your education in the New Year, The Daily Curiosity app builds on your knowledge, little by little. The app offers videos on five interesting topics or gives a quick summary of the most important facts to learn something new even faster. Available for both iOS and Android, free.

Mvelopes helps you save by allowing you to create "spending envelopes" that help divide up your income into customized budgets. It even syncs with your bank to make even simpler to keep track and plan your spending. Free and available for iOS and Android

To help combat the ever-growing pile of books that you want to read, the ReadMe! App will help you increase your reading speed. It minimizes the distance your eye travels to read and guides the eye with color gradients.

The free app will sync between devices as well as offers an offline option, so you can continue your book no matter where you are. Download for the iOS and Android. 

Breaking a bad habit is one of the hardest things to do, resolutions aside. But with the HabitRPG app, it becomes a game and you get points and rewards for beating each moment of temptation or joining guilds with players with similar goals to fight your bad habits together.

There's even a Chrome extension to help you control your Facebook or YouTube binging. You can use it on the iPhone and Android. 

It's easy to grab something that's already premade or prepackaged, but what better way to know what you're putting into your body than to make the food yourself? The Muse suggested the free Yummly app to get healthy recipes for any meal that will fit your nutritional goals and your dietary needs. Available for the iPhone and Android. 

Forbes recommended the free C25K app as a great way to gradually add workouts of walking and running to your routine so you can eventually run a 5K confidently. The app can run on both the iPhone and Android. 

The free 24me app is a virtual assistant that takes all the to-dos, events in your calendar and social networks, as well as deadlines like bills and places them in one place. Only available for the iOS. 

If you're constantly realizing that you should have left for your appointment 10 minutes ago, the Interruptive Chrome extension is the tool for you. It calls you at the designated time and will keep calling you until you pick up, giving you the reminder to leave. Only available for users with US phone numbers, free.

Mic suggested the Buddhify app, which improves your mental state through 80+ meditation exercises that can be used in a variety of situations. Available on both iOS ($4.99) and Android ($2.99).

With all these wonderful apps to help you reach your goals, the only thing in the way now is your own inaction. You can eat better, run a 5K, and even read more books faster by getting some continuous encouragement from your phone. 2016 can be the year that you stuck to your resolutions and you'll be all the better for it. 

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