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After Qualcomm, Intel Dives Into Drone Through Acquiring Former Partner, Ascending Technologies

By Staff Writer

Intel, the largest chip maker of the world, has announced acquiring German drone company, Ascending Technologies on Monday. Though the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but Intel has declared offering positions for all the 75 existing employees of the company.

Product roadmap plans haven't also been discussed while acquisition. Before the acquisition, the two companies have entered into a partnership deal that allows Ascending Technologies to use Intel's ReaslSense cameras in the drones to sense and avoid obstacles around it.

RealSense is a combination of hardware and software that allows cameras to sense depth and provide drones with 'Computer Vision' or the ability to process and recognize images. Equipped with Intel's intelligent cameras, the Ascending Technologies' drones have been reported to buzz around and hover over the stage in the Consumer Electronics Show, reports Forbes.

Intel's announcement has been made in such moments, when Ascend has demonstrated accuracy of drone movement computed with its software. Use of LED- based 'light painting' and long exposure photography through Intel's RealSense cameras, all contributed to totally controlled flying. The successful demonstrations have been conducted ahead of growing regulatory and public concerns over drone's safe operations.

Intel Capital has invested in Ascending Technologies and partnered with, last year. The chip giant is committed to serve Ascending Technologies' existing customers, reports TechCrunch quoting Josh Walden, Intel's SVP for new technologies.

This acquisition signals Intel's commitment towards UAV business, since it views the latter as an important computing platform of the future. It follows a similar move recently made by fellow chip-maker, Qualcomm. It has nose dived into drones with the Snapdragon Flight platform, a system based on its Snapdragon 801 processor that aims to simplify UAV development, reports Engadget.

Drones are set to be one of the biggest trends at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) scheduled to take place in Las Vegas this week. At CES 2014, just four exhibitors have been participated in the unmanned systems marketplace. At CES 2016, there will be 27 exhibitors, with the marketplace covering 25,000 net square feet of exhibit space, a 200 percent increase over the 2015 show, indicating just how fast this sector is growing.

Intel has been making a number of investments and acquisitions in newer areas of technology beyond basic PCs as it continues to keep its eye on growing business. Other areas have included activity trackers and smart eyewear. However, this is Intel's 71st acquisition.

Intel, the largest electronic chip maker, has announced Monday to acquire German drone maker, Ascending Technologies as its 71st associate. The electronics giant has followed earlier precedence of Qualcomm to concentrate on the ever buzzing drone industry. The successful acquisition has been conducted to strengthen drone industry ahead of growing regulatory and public concerns over its safe operations.

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