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‘Microsoft Selfie’: Smart Photo App For Intelligent Quality Enhancements

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Microsoft has released a selfie app, apart from introducing a piece of productivity software, called 'Microsoft Selfie'. The application is designed to improve photo qualities up to most possible sharable shot through adjusting color balance, skin tone and light effects.

The Windows OS developer has leveraged its popularity through release of best mobile email app, Outlook and other great free apps for iOS and Androids, since its CEO Satya Nadella taken charge in 2014. Now, the company is turning to a far more crucial service that every smart phone user will surely appreciate- tools for improving selfie quality, reports Engadget.

'Microsoft Selfie' is a more subtle version of Lumia Selfie, its previous self-portrait app designed for Windows phones. The selfie editing app promises to improve front facing camera game by adjusting exposure automatically. It also reduces noise and takes into account a variety of factors like age, gender, skin tone and lighting to help alter your self-portraits with 'intelligent enhancements', describes The Verge.

The app utilizes algorithms to represent photos professionally. Users have 13 different filters to choose for the photo editing work, but only one can be used at any given time. To apply more filters, the saved photo edited with one filter, needs to be reopened and then editing with other filter. Traditional methods are applicable to share the edited image to the social media platforms, reports Venturebeat.

The most foreseen benefit of the app is to improve photo quality taken from the front camera. The pictures taken with the rear-facing lens are often better than the front. Besides, bunch of noise is seen to get recorded, but Microsoft's new technology may provide the same look and quality across both lenses on the mobile device.

Microsoft's bid to release selfie enhancement app is apparently bizarre since it has been built for the iPhones and not for the windows phones. However, through developing the app, the tech giant has showcased its machine learning, artificial intelligence, and image recognition technology.

The app argued to be more useful if launched directly in the front facing camera view instead of presenting with options for taking or selecting a photo. But surpassing all criticisms, the app is believed to find a place on the home screen of selfie- obsessed iPhone users.

Microsoft has released a photo app for iPhone and Androids naming 'Microsoft Selfie' that allows intelligent enhancement to selfie quality using algorithms. The new technology may provide the same look and quality across both lenses on the mobile device and capable of reducing untoward noises. Instead of releasing a productivity app for windows phones, Microsoft's efforts attract criticism but is believed to be displayed in the home screen of the iPhones and Androids.

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