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Elbit lands $70 million deal for airborne electronic warfare system

By Staff Writer

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced on Monday that it has been awarded a contract by the Directorate of Production and Procurement of the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) valued at approximately $70 million to develop and manufacture airborne Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

The EW systems will be installed on board all types of Israeli Air Force fighter jets over the next five years, according to JNS News Service.

The systems  include radar warning, laser warning ECM, and missile warning systems. The EW systems are able to integrate chaff or flares and directed countermeasures to respond to airborne threats.

President and CEO of Elbit System Bezhalel Machlis said in the company's press release that Elbit Systems provides a solution to a wide variety of current and future threat as the modern global air combat arena is extremely challenging, and pilots are facing many threats.

Machlis said that the company is proud to provide the Israeli Air Force, recognized as one of the world's most advanced air forces with advanced EW systems. The CEO confirmed that Elbits EW systems will be covering the full range of fighter jets.

The Israeli company believes that the contract will further enhance its position as one of the world's leading EW manufacturers. Machlis said that the company hopes that other customers will follow the IMOD and the Israeli Air Force to use Elbit's EW systems.

Elbit Systems is an international high-technology company works in a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs across the world. Founded in 1996, the company also focuses on the upgrading of existing platforms and developing new technologies for defense.

According to Jewish Press, Elbit also awarded a $50 million contract by an Asia-Pacific nation. The company will supply a comperehensive airborne solution for use in intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions for the next three years.

The company said that it will upgrade its equipment for the contract, including long-range electro-optical (EO) cameras and sensors, through its ISTAR division.

The company will combine multiple sensors, advanced C41 and intelligence analysis systems into one integrated solution for more effective and flexible ISTAR operations.

The upgraded system will be able to deliver advanced functions including mission planning, battlefield management, terrain analysis and simulation of operations. The upgraded system is also supplemented with an advanced SAR/GMTI Reconnaissance systems developed by the Israel Aerospace Industries unit, Elta Systems.

Bezhalel Machlis believes that there is a growing demand for the defense solution. The CEO said that this project would mark a significant milestone for the company.

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