Nissan Leaf outsells Tesla Model by over 100,000

Tesla Model S has quickly become one of the most popular EV range electric vehicles, but the Nissan Leaf still leads the competition when it comes to sales.

According to Hybrid Cars, Tesla sold over 100,000 of its Model S this month after being launched in June 2012. However, this number only puts the car at the third spot of the best-selling plug-in electrified cars in the list. 

First on the list is still the Nissan Leaf, which crossed the 100,000 sales from December 2010 to January 2010. Now, Nissan has sold some 200,000 Leaf Units as of December this year.

NSEA Voice reported that Nissan Leaf is one of the best vehicles in the list low running cost vehicles. This is all thanks to its EV, Hybrid setup.

However, analysts are expecting sales for this vehicle to slow down in the coming year. One of the major reasons for the decline would be the significant drop of gas prices.

Nissan recently reported that Leaf sales went down 56.7 percent for the month of September. Another major reason for the possible decline in sales would be the pending all-new Leaf, which is not yet fully distributed in the US. Analysts, however, sees Nissan Leaf sales to go well in the long run.

The Daily Sun wrote that the new 2016 Nissan Leaf will be a pure battery electric vehicle (BEV), so it needs to have bigger battery. It has to have 30kWh pack that could give it 107 miles of range, from 24kWh, which can only give it 84 miles.

Meanwhile, the Model S is more successful in other aspects than the all-electric Nissan. The 100,000th Model S sale wasn't officially announced by Tesla though. It is only a conservative estimate. 

The carmaker already sold about 99,650 units as of November. Sixty one percent of its total global sales came from the US. 

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