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The New Apple TV with Microphone on Remote, Introduced by Siri Saves You $10

Dec 21, 2015 07:43 AM EST

Apple has unveiled its new version of Apple TV with Microphone on Remote feature, introduces Siri. The brand-new Apple TV is the best yet and offers a lot more than ever before.

According to Wikipedia, Siri is a software that fills in as an information navigator and an intelligent personal associate. The part uses a local language interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform exercises by assigning requests to a course of action of Web services.

The new device charm is in the redesigned Apple TV remote control. There are six buttons with a touch trackpad at the top.

The touch trackpad also has a button for a click. If it clicks, it will communicate with the Apple TV, reported by Fox31 Denver.

The user can ask for movies and music, by saying words like "Find movies with Jack Black." The user can also ask for things like stock prices, weather conditions, and sports lists.  It's not like Siri features on your iPhone, but it's more exciting there.

After redesigned, the home screen and interface of Apple TV look similar.  Only the difference is now it can access to the App Store. It means the user can install apps and games on Apple TV. 

The new Apple TV is gaming through the new App Store.  The new remote has motion sensors so the user can use it to control games just like an iPhone. The same function like Tilt it left and right to steer things on-screen. 

There are more than 2,500 apps available in the tvOS App Store. The number is noticing a higher growth, the company says. It supposes the count to hit 5,000 apps in January 2016, and then 10,000 sometime next year.

If Apple TV Siri Remote has suddenly stopped working, it'll simply need to charge it by connecting a Lightning cable into a USB port on PC or a USB power adapter or hub, according to TekRevue.

The tvOS supplies developers with the experience to develop apps to the big screen that can use hardware's capabilities. However, Apple is also strict about certain things, such as its no-ads policy within tvOS apps.

The new Apple TV accompanies a 64-bit A8 processor, which will give the best result of graphics experience. Of course, it's no Xbox or Playstation however for those of us who would prefer not to drop $300-$400 on a high-end gaming system. The user can connect with a Bluetooth gaming console to use gaming controls.

Overall, The Apple TV is best smart TV with best Remote Function features. And the cost is lower than previous AppleTV.

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