Blackberry Backs to Tracks: Forefronts Secured Androids

Blackberry Limited (BBRY) has witnessed a upsurge in the share market, during the last session of trade, on Saturday. The upsurge has been estimated as 7% on the day. Development in share prices caused a huge number of shares to change hands than in a normal session.

The Upward price has turned an end to the down trend share price of the company and been trading above volatile price range of $7.37 to $7.86 on December 1, reports Seeking Alpha.

The move that puts a spring in the step of Blackberry and the stock market is related to the release of Blackberry Priv. The switch to Android over BB10 along with self developed operating system attributed Blackberry to represent with a new look that forecasts a golden 2016.

Blackberry’s Priv Smartphone has witnessed a ‘out of stock’ sign on Thursday, December 10, in the Walmart and Best Buys’ sites and the increased demand as well as significant consumer interest, ahead of ongoing sale, contributed for the soared up share price, according to a report published in Forbes Magazine .

The increased demand in the Priv may put BlackBerry in a position to deliver positive EPS in Q4 FY16 as compared to previously estimated loss of 11 cents per share, forecasts Seeking Alpha.

Blackberry has been recognized as the smartphone market leader during 2006, 2007 and up to the beginning of 2008. Nobody could even guess that the company may need to go through massive overhauling process. Company’s financial statements turned to reflect worst outcomes and even disruption of some units has even been considered, reported The Guardian quoting a speech of Blackberry CEO, Mr. John Chen, delivered in a technology conference held in Half Moon Bay, California, USA.

Mr. John Chen took over troubled smartphone company Blackberry in November, 2013. Blackberry has fallen prey to declining fortunes since it has failed to cope up with the speed of change, the smartphone market witnessing. Now, Blackberry has pulled itself back from the edge of elimination.

On the contrary, a lot of speculations started to continue centering Out of Stock notification displayed by Walmart & Best Buys’ sites. Controversy has initiated coming to know that there are no recent sales figures from Blackberry Priv. Prior to release; Blackberry has revealed that it requires selling at least five million smartphones a year to reach a break even point and to protect the accessories production unit, disrupted from the Blackberry portfolio.

Selling more than five million handsets is not too easy for Blackberyy, who retained 20% of the global smartphone market and lost the major chunk, in the verge of time. But the Blackberry dynasty has lost long way back. Now it has been estimated that the smartphone handset, the Blackberry is offering for Priv, is cheaper compared to the other competitors. The situation may further worsen with the introduction of SnapDragon 820 processor, which will power the Chinese handsets, in January, 2016.

Blackberry possesses 1% chunk of global smartphone market, but still manages to generate $192 million revenue or 41% of global sales from selling 8,00,000 units in Q2 of FY 2016. Blackberry eyes hefty profits by Q4 of FY16 through its unique security features and those include seeking information on developer’s certificate from the apps to be run in the device, which has recognized Blackberry as the forefront in ensuring secured phones that over rides price competitiveness.

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