MIT's New Amazing App Lets You Program On Any Object

The MIT's Reality Editor application, which took three years of research to develop, gives a new way to interact with the various objects around the home. The result of three years of research at MIT's Fluid Interfaces Lab, Valentin Heun's Reality Editor aims to discuss these problems.

The Reality Editor application has developed for the household device, but it would just require a point to any phone or tablet at the household devices. Then it'll able to draw virtual lines between those household devices and to build connections between them. 

For example, the light switch, it always needs to stand up to turn off. Now, it's simple, just point out the application to an object next to the bed and draw a line to the light.  

It can be used immediately to run the object as a tool for managing the light. If it needs a timer connected to the light, just use the function of the object with a timer, such as a Television, by drawing a line from it to the light, according to Reality Editor's description.

Valentin Heun says this is reductive because the Internet of Things should allow users to have more control over the world around them, not take it aside. But, Heun feels that will change as people hope to accomplish more than just put their homes in automatic mode controlled by gadgets.

Reality Editor is the completion of three years of research at MIT's Fluid Interfaces Lab. Hence, this application conveys brilliant results. As Fast Company set IFTTT, yet rather than uniting applications, it supports the household devices of physical objects, according to Engadget.

Right now, the main problem of Reality Editor is the support, because the adapters for all the major smart objects or devices are not available in the market. Smart objects are like the Philips Hue (a light bulb) and Nest's devices (Thermostat, Smoke alarm Protect). But consumer products still do not support the Open Hybrid platform, according to Fast Company.

The Reality Editor expects to give users a power of complete control over the smart gadgets in their households. Think to have a lamp that turns down the volume on TV when dimming the lights, a light switch that also turns off TV or a car that switches on home AC in the summer when out of the office.

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