On-demand parking service Luxe offers subcription options

A valet parking service app startup Luxe has launched a subscription service program for all its users. The company is now offering the choice of three monthly subscription plans as well as the car care program while the users' vehicle is in the custody of a Luxe attendant.

The new subscription programs launched as the consumers who use valet parking service through Luxe mobile app increased. The programs aimed at the consumers who frequently use the on demand parking valet service. More than 80 percent of Luxe's trial consumers now become repeat consumers.

Luxe offers three different monthly subscription plans based on the consumers' needs and how often they use the service, according to Luxe's blog. The subscription options are now available to be purchased in the Luxe app. The consumers can select a plan by tapping "Subscription" from the left tab in the Luxe app.

The Luxe Commuter option is a subscription plan for daytime use to a user's destination such as their workplace. The plan is priced from $139 to $369 per month with three different levels based on how many times the users use the service during the day and throughout the week.

There is also Luxe Residential option for the consumers who need the parking service at home. The price ranges from $224 to $599 per month. The plan covers everything from the occasional Sunday driver to the reverse commuter leaving the city every day for work.

Luxe also offers unlimited plan includes using Luxe daily, overnight and to store the car at any time with price ranges from $339 to $799. The company also introduces a Car Care Subscription that offers the services for gas refills, car washes, and oil changes as part of Luxe Subscription or as a separate service at $19.99.

According to Venture Beat, Luxe's vice president for product management Phil Farhi said that Luxe's subscription can be up to 40 percent cheaper than current monthly parking options. Luxe subscription plans make parking and maintaining a car an affordable, flexible, and convenience experience.

Luxe's gross revenue is growing 40 percent per month, according to Reuters. It is 15 times larger since the company launched in October 2014. The San Francisco-based company has raised $25.5 million from investors.

Drivers can order Luxe valet service from Luxe app on their smartphones. A valet attendant will meet the user at a destination an park their car. When a user needs the car back, they use the app to alert the valet.

Luxe parking service is available in various cities in the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Austin.

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