YouTuber creates Lego Chicken McNugget vending machine

YouTuber Astonishing Studios created a vending machine made out of LEGO toys that dispenses McDonald's chicken McNugget.

This amazing new toy can let people enjoy eating their chicken McNugget wherever they are and at any time. According to Time, Astonishing Studios makes anything from candy machines to arcade games using nothing but LEGOs. This new McNugget dispensing machine uses the robotics software and hardware set called Lego Mindstorms.

In a report by Gizmodo, the Lego vending machine can process coin and reject currency that is not compatible with it. After accepting the coins, it will deliver the McNuggets box along with the dipping sauce of choice.

Engadget posted a YouTube video from Astonishing Studio's channel of how the vending machine works. It has a start button at the back. The video shows how the machine rejects coins that it doesn't recognize.

Once the user inserts the appropriate coin, a McNugget slides out from one side and the sauce from another. The machine has a coin bank, where the user can retrieve the coin that was inserted.

The video also explains the mechanism of the toy. Small coins are rejected, because they can't pass through rails that can accommodate only the right sized coin. A €2 coin is the right one, otherwise, it will just fall out of the LEGO vending machine.

The coin then falls into a part of the LEGO toy that has a light sensor that sends a message to the lever that releases the McNuggets.

There are some disadvantages to the LEGO chicken McNuggets dispenser though. It can't heat the McNuggets, since it has no heating system. The toy can hold only up to two chicken McNuggets boxes.

This could be good if the owner is planning to stay healthier and avoid obesity. The owner has to restock the toy himself or herself. 

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