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Best Buy, Target offer $100 discount for every Apple Watch

By Staff Writer

Best Buy is offering $100 discount for Apple Watch, while Target offers $100 gift card along with a purchase of the device.

According to BGR, the deal is available from December 9 to 25. Buyers can get them online or at Best Buy retail stores. isn't offering the discounts with the Apple Watch Sport at $349/$399 and the Apple Watch at $549/$599. Meanwhile, at Best Buy, you can buy some of these models for $249.

The Business Insider reported that the discount is timely as the holiday season approaches. However, another reason for the discount could be the release of Apple's second edition smartwatch, which is expected to be in March next year.

The new models will feature a camera, video chatting capabilities and more. The new edition will also have standalone functionality even without the iPhone.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter in a report by Fortune said that Best Buy and Target may be offering the promo because they can afford the $100 discount. Or it could be Apple gave them permission to offer the devices at a lower rate.

 "Apple is pretty strict on discounting," said Pachter. "It suggests that either Best Buy's taking all of the discount and is willing to forgo future supply of Apple watches, or that Apple is participating in the discount, and the new model is coming."

Reports are always interested in Apple future plans. The speculation for a new edition Smart Watch may be true or not. Apple has managed not to give any official reports and has kept analysts and industry-watchers guessing.

However, Patcher believes that Best Buy's discount suggests that Apple may really be launching new editions of its Smart Watch next year.

The giant tech company has a reputation of offering discounts from third-party retailers when new updates are around the corner. However, Best Buy isn't giving any clues on the new Smart Watch too and the discount could just be a Christmas gift to all. 

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