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Alphabet re-brands Google Life Sciences into Verily

By Staff Writer

Alphabet, Google's parent company, introduced on Monday a new division called Verily, formerly called Google Life Sciences.

Digital Trends reported that the new re-branded team will become an independent division, moving away from Google. Verily used to be under the secret moonshots lab, Google X. The team will continue to develop new technology that will enhance the health care industry and cure diseases.

Google X head Astro Teller will be supervising the projects under Verily. Life Sciences' Andy Conrad will still be the CEO of Verily. Alphabet maintained most of Verily's executives to avoid major management problems.

"Verily is a new company that is focused on bringing together technology, science and medicine in the places where we think we can have the biggest impact on the detection, management, and prevention of disease. It was formerly known as the life sciences team at Google and is part of Alphabet," according to a Verily spokesperson in a report by Forbes.

According to Stat News, the term "Verily" is a popular word used in the King James Bible and 13th century Middle English. Conrad said the word is aspirational, which means "truly" or "Certainly." He said that it is only in truth that Mother Nature can be overcome.

He said Verily will shift its focus from conventional medical technologies that are reactive to something more proactive. It will focus more on prevention than intervention. Meanwhile, brand consultant Greg Balla, said Verily is the right name for the company as it seeks for more certain and truer ways to improve health care.

Some of Verily's present projects are the smart contact lens with miniaturized glucose sensor, new diabetes determining technologies, innovative ways to monitor glucose, nanodiagnostics platform to detect diabetes earlier, cardiac and activity sensor, and the Liftware utensils.

Google announced August this year that it would rebrand itself into Alphabet, which holds all its web and mobile businesses, including Calico, Nest, Sidewalk Labs, Google Ventures, and Google Capital.

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