Garmin's Varia Radar on bikes warns of approaching vehicles behind

Cycling has just become safer courtesy of one of the best-known makers of bike gadgets. Garmin's Varia rear-view radar, the world's first radar for ­bicycles, is expected to reduce one of the immense risks of cycling: being hit from behind.

Garmin claims that, in the US at least, 40 percent of cyclists injured in traffic are hit from behind.  Safety experts say cyclists must obey road rules, including wearing helmets and using flashing red lights at night; they also emphasize the importance of visibility, recommending fluorescent clothing. But it's clear that visibility alone is not enough. This Garmin gadget that warns cyclists of approaching ­vehicles while alerting drivers that cyclists are near.

According to Gizmag, the system is made up of two modules, a tail light transmitter that attaches to the seat-post and a radar display unit that is mounted on the handlebars. When the vehicle approaches from behind, the rear facing radar detects them at a distance of up to 140 m. This data is transmitted to display unit with soon-to-be passing vehicles presented as a line of LEDS. The device will offer blinking or solid LED alerts if vehicles are detected, and it can be set up to flash more rapidly or more brightly as they approach

The Varia radar can also be paired with Garmin's Edge cycling computer. This gives the ability to detect up to eight approaching vehicles, giving the indication of how quickly they are approaching and also offering a threat level rating. 

Techlicious says that, device is well complimented by the new Garmin Varia Smart Bike Lights. The headlight auto-adjusts its brightness based on your speed and ambient light conditions so you're more able to identify and avoid road obstacles. It puts out about 100 lux at 10 meters and features an automatic high-beam shut-off switch for oncoming vehicles. The Varia Smart Bike Lights also feature a secondary tail light for turn signal functionality. It too can be connected to a Garmin Edge computer.

The Varia radar tail light is available for US$199 / UK£159.99 or for US$299 / UK£239.99 with the display unit. The Varia smart bike lights are available as a bundle including the remote for US$299 / UK£239.99 or separate at US$199 / UK£159.99 for the front light and US$69 / UK£59.99 for the tail light.  Varia is a great gadget for your bike to track the vehicles behind you, and how fast they are approaching you so you can take the right decision. You should present yourself this gadget for safer rides.

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