Verizon to start offering Wi-fi calling to customers using the latest Samsung mobile devices

Verizon will start offering Wi-Fi calling for its customers with Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Starting December 8, the New York-based telecommunications firm will make software updates to provide wireless network feature for its customers using the latest Samsung mobile devices. According to CNET, this new feature is best for places with weak or no network provider coverage. The new Wi-Fi calling capability will be launched in phases and will be available for other Android smartphones and the iPhone next year.

In a report by Tech Crunch, to activate Wi-Fi calling, subscribers have to turn on the Advanced Calling option from their Settings menu. They must install the new software update in order to do this. Users under this feature who go outside of Verizon's coverage, will automatically switch to the Wi-Fi calling option.

Engadget reported that people can now get their services from any US carrier and be able to make online calls when their signal is down. Besides Verizon, AT&T recently added WiFi calling to Apple iPhones in October.

T-Mobile and Sprint have already offered this feature in their services. This makes Verizon the last big US wireless carrier to include Wi-Fi calling to their customers. Wi-Fi networks have been a new way for wireless carriers to efficiently provide better call quality and extend coverage.

Wi-Fi uses unlicensed wireless spectrum, which makes this a useful technology for the network providers. The short-range nature requires users to go hands-off between different networks if they are using all mobile. Since the spectrum is unlicensed, airwaves congestion is possible and interference from other networks may happen.

Earlier this month, Verizon was granted a waiver for this service by the Federal Communications Commission. Other companies that offer Wi-Fi only before going into cellular network are the Republic Wireless, Google's Project Fi, and Scratch Wireless.

This new feature is Verizon's strategy to provide clearer calls through its Advanced Calling voice-over LTE service as it moves to offer only Internet technology. Wi-Fi calls made for US numbers are free, while international calls are billed under regular rates, according to Verizon.

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