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Sony Will Offer Unbelievable $100 Package for Sony PlayStation’s One Year Subscription on 8th December 2015

By Staff Writer

Sony PlayStation is happy to confirm that they will unveil a limited period offer on 8th December. The Sony PlayStation limited period offer will provide 1-year subscription at approximately $100. By availing this offer, now you can take the benefits of using Sony PlayStation for less than $9 on a monthly basis.

A Sony spokesperson said, "PS Now will deliver blockbuster and critically acclaimed PS3 games streamed via the cloud on numerous Internet-connected devices; giving more people the opportunity to experience the world of PlayStation," as per the Latinpost news.

The marketing director of the Play Station Now, James Martin said that in comparison to the one-month rate, the one year subscription will offer 55% savings. 

You will get access to hundreds of PS3 games along with new additional games each month. If you are already a PlayStation Now subscriber, you can buy the limited period 1-year subscription from PlayStation store.

Once you purchase the new subscription, your 1 or 3-month subscription will be extended automatically. Sony also announced that nine new Warner Bros. games have been added to PlayStation Now's library.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is releasing some of its most powerful games on the PlayStation Now Subscription starting on December 8th. The five adult games among the newly added nine are - Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham Origins, Injustice: Gods among Us, Mortal Kombat and F.E.A.R (single-player campaign mode only).

According to Playstation blog, it is the season of giving, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will also be adding a stocking stuffer of sorts to all of you PlayStation Now fans out there - in the form of four of its most popular LEGO games. LEGO games are specially designed for kids and those who are still kids at hearts. The newly added ones are The Lego Movie Video Game, Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 and Lego Batman: The Video Game.

In the PlayStation Now game library, there are more than 250 games available. Before these above-mentioned newly added games, Borderlands and Bioshock games were launched. Sony PlayStation generally adds latest games each and every month.

The Sony PlayStation Now offer is available in wide range of devices including PS3, PS4, PS TV, PS Vita along with Samsung and Sony Blu-ray players and TVs. The pricing of game rental varies with duration.

Sony announced that the PlayStation Now offer will start from 8th December but, there is still no update on the end date. According to the International Business Times report, Sony has announced over 105 PS3 titles coming into the PlayStation Now so they can be playable on the PS4.

However, people were excited about backward compatibility feature when the PS2 emulation for the PS4 broke. Now, it appears, the hype was not at all what the fans expected it to be.

Only some of PS4 games will find their way to the PS4 via emulation and the worst part is they are even planning to make players pay for those games. The PlayStation Now update at approximately $100 might help Sony to make their fans pleased

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