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Robots to do half of the jobs in Japan by 2035

By Staff Writer

Half of Japan's workforce will be replaced by Robots by 2035, according to data analysts Nomura Research Institute (NRI).

NRI, which is led by researcher Yuumi Wakao, reported their data analysts showing that almost half of the work in Japan could be done by robots in the next 20 years. The team studies more than 600 jobs and found out that 49 percent of them can be done by computer systems, according to Engadget.

Next Power Up reported that the team worked with Professor Michael Osborne from Oxford University, who did the same study for the US and the UK. According to Osborne, 47 percent of the workforce in the US will be replaced by robots by 2035, while 35 percent of the jobs in the UK will be done by robot after 20 years.

Meanwhile, Ubergizmo reported that there are hotels in Japan where robot dinosaurs greet the guests. There are also plans to create robot translators that would help tourists navigate through the country. There are initiatives to develop robot nurses to help the growing elderly population in the country.

The study determined how each job can be automated based on the creativity needed for it. More straightforward jobs like operating help desks, translations, and delivering foods can be done by robot. However, creative jobs, like graphic design, will still need human beings. Teaching and writing aren't things that can be automated too.

"However, this is only a hypothetical technical calculation," said Wakao. "It doesn't take into account social factors.

Japan also has a giant Gundam statue, which is a robot mobile suite from one of its anime series. This only shows how they welcome robot as part of their culture.

This robo-revolution is embraced in the country, since it can relieve the economic challenges the nation is facing with its aging population. This also gives the younger population a chance to pursue more creative careers than being stuck in no-brainer jobs.

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