4 -year-old drives a Volvo FMX truck by remote control

The company labeled its new Volvo's latest FMX truck as the best-among-all.  In order to prove that, the automaker released footage on social media to prove by giving a 4-year-old girl the control over a truck.

According to Engadget, Volvo turned its latest FMX truck into a "racing car" just to prove its toughness. Moreover, the control was given to a 4-year-old girl, Sophie who led it to immense destruction. But on a fair game, she was able to guide the vehicle better than expected.

Driving a multi-ton rig isn't easy at all, but she managed to hit the numerous obstacles, roll the vehicle into a pit and purposely crash it through a house. However, the vehicle was left unscathed and drivable at the end of the trip.

The whole point of the stunt advertised was to make its vehicle look tough and as good as possible. Volvo explained, "The remote control used by Sophie was specially made for this film. Highly sensitive, the compact RC unit provided access to steering, accelerator, gearshift and brakes."  

The truck's Automatic Traction Control feature allowed the young girl to drive the vehicle through various destructive obstacles, like rough terrain, blow through small buildings and speed up the vehicle through explosives from a safe distance, as mentioned by WPTZ.

However, the YouTube post of Volvo said, "This live test was set up to demonstrate the sturdiness and mobility of the Volvo FMX. A unique cage construction, cast-iron front plus corners and skidplate of high-grade steel make this a very tough truck indeed. And thanks to Automatic Traction Control- a revolutionary new feature that automatically engages the front axle when you need it - you won't get stuck."

The expressions of the young girl were priceless, as she controlled the FMX to complete the commercial task, as reported by Tech Times. Before the performance, Volvo crew made sure of an absence of any living being on the tracks. Additionally, keeping in mind the control level of a 4-year-old, the space assigned for the commercial stunt was bordered for the possibility that Sophie might go off track.

The footage released displays Volvo FMX truck as robust and sturdy. It has a structure which is capable of handling rough driving and to continue after turning over.

This is not the first time Volvo has made an 'epic' commercial. Previously in 2013, it made a truck commercial of Epic Split ad starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The commercial went viral on social media overall. However, no other commercial from Volvo has made to the popularity level of the Epic Split, but this new one is anticipated to surpass it.

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