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Now Make Video Call or Take Selfie with In-Built Cell-Phone in‘Minecraft’

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The world of 'Minecraft' is full of surprises. People can do exceptional things inside the wonderland of Minecraft. With a recent makeover, now you can make the video call or take a selfie with an inbuilt cell phone inside the game. The wonder creation credit goes to Verizon Wireless.

According to Forbes report, YouTuber CaptainSparklez, aka Jordan Maron has been seen demoing the phone. It's all part of a paid ad campaign to promote Verizon using the game and its most popular streamers (CaptainSparklez just bought a $4.5 mansion with his YouTube earnings). However, the promotional demo is pretty interesting and cute.

In the demonstration video by Minecraft expert Captain Sparklez, it shows how the cell phone builds work. He is creating the phone as well as building a cell tower that is an extraordinary four-level-tall structure.

A visual indication can be observed through streaming particles referring that the phone is attached to the tower. He puts the demo through by making a couple of video calls and loading websites with pace and ease.

On the news of the launch of this new project of Minecraft, SethBling seemed quite excited. According to the Mashable report, "I've seen people make an iPhone before, but it's always [a] simplistic thing," stated YouTuber SethBling, who's been making Minecraft videos for the last four years for his now 1.9 million subscribers.

During the video call, you will get to see the boxy version of the caller. On the other end, the caller will watch your 'Minecraft' avatar. The entire thing is quite exciting and only Minecraft can mesmerize people with their unparalleled creations.

In the Minecraft world, almost each and everything is made out of blocks. Their exclusive web application called Boxel help translate the real streaming videos and the web pages into blocks. In order to keep the communication between Minecraft and real world steady, Boxel-client is used.

As per the CNET news, Verizon got together with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy and Minecraft design agency Blockworks to build a working cell phone within the boundaries of the game.

The inbuilt cell phone inside the game lets players make video calls in pixelated form along with surfing the Web. Moreover, with the innovative selfie-stick feature, you can take a selfie and send it to anyone through text.

However, the video call feature is most probably the coolest aspect of the inbuilt cell phone project of Minecraft. The web browsing feature will also be translated into blocks. Therefore, surfing would be entertaining but you won't be able to get a lot of reading done by it.

Expert Minecraft players with knowledge of coding server can play with the open-source libraries to create new experiences of turning video into blocks. They will get the project codes in the software site GitHub.

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