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'Monument Valley' Apple's Game of the Year for 2014 , now free on iOS

By Staff Writer

Monument Valley, an adventurous puzzle game awarded Apple's game of the year for 2014 which usually sells for $3.99 on iTunes, although it has been free on android, is also now free on iOS.

In the game the player directs the princess character through different mazes and impassable objects, looking for hidden passages to move forward on her conquest.  Sound simple enough but along the way you'll face challenging puzzles that requires you to lift and spin the environment in unorthodox ways. The game is beloved for its minimalist 3D design and calming soundtrack

Engadget reports that, Monument Valley fetched Apple's game of the year awards for 2014 because of being fun, Zen and beautiful all at the same time. Since its launch in May last year, it had earned $ 5.8 million by January 2015, mostly from sales to iOS gamers. The game is also available for free on Android via Amazon Underground.  The company is hoping that players will burn through the ten included levels quickly and then purchase the $2 forgotten shores add-on.

PCMag says that we have reached out to the game's U.K based developer, Ustwo, for the details about price drop but have yet to hear back. So you better download the game right away just in case the price goes back up. The game is inspired by the lithographs of the famed graphics artist M.C Escher, Monument Valley takes players on a surreal exploration through fantastic architecture and impossible geometry. In addition to its accolades from Apple and others, Monument Valley earned a rare 5 star rating in PCMag's review.

If you need a moment to Zen out in the midst of the holiday craziness and you have an iOS device go and download Monument valley on the Apple's iTunes.

On iTunes, Monument Valley is now showing as free, although there is an extra US$1.99 add-on after level 10. There is no word as to whether the game will remain as such. If you are looking for a free iOS game, go and download it.

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