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5 ways to transform your workplace into a happy and productive one

By Staff Writer

Employees are the wheels of the company's progress. In order for the company to gain economic benefits, the workforce working on their platform should be productive and happy too. If the employees are motivated and honest with their work, high profits are expected and, on the other hand, the company suffers when the workforce is disloyal and undervalued.

According to Reliable Plant, companies that keep their employees happy and satisfied are major factors that keep any firms alive. Workers that are comfortable with their work will less likely seek another job. 

There are multiple factors involved to shift the scale of happiness with friends, family and employment being few of the positive factors. However, "back-stabbing" and gossiping makes a workplace stressful and makes the employees' production go down.

If the employees are happy with their platform, they are likely to feel the sense of achievement in their work. They develop a positive feeling towards themselves and their assignment assigned, a sense that makes their task to feel important and meaningful. As results in reducing stress and this contributes as a major factor of productivity.

In order to cultivate a happy and productive workplace, these guidelines should be considered.

First, create a productive environment. The physical layout of the workplace tends to enhance productivity. A good physical environment includes enough room to work, the correct supplies/materials, and a comfortable and pleasant environment.

The work equipment should be ergonomically designed to positively motivate the workers by helping them with their work needs. Besides that, 'ecotherapy' also have a positive impact and includes placement of green plans, proper ventilation, and good choices in cafeteria etc.

Second, hiring a happy and social personality helps your workplace to get happier. However, it takes a little thought and preparation, as mentioned by Monster.

During interviews, it is natural to focus on relevant experience and past achievements which are the needs of your company. But choosing a right personality for your work environment is also a need and would be a mistake if ignored.

Third, show your care towards your employees. The productivity increases on having a feeling that they are cared about. This is called Hawthorne effect. When the employees are asked how they are and trying to find out how things are going in their lives, it brings a positive feeling to them.

Fourth, always construct a feedback, whether positive or negative. It is a very important factor determining a productive work of your employee. Feedback represents an important tool to measure the quality of your work, as reported by Gethppy.

A complete feedback with best intentions can transform your day into a very productive and cheerful one.

Lastly, arrange a training program for your employees. A good and motivational training program tends to boost the productivity of your workforce.

Through a training program, better feedback is received, you stay focused and can improve your skills when you know you'll be rewarded for that.

Few simple guidelines can transform the entire workplace into a happy and pleasing one. Communication and great ambiance would promote happy and satisfied employees leading to the company's fast growth.

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