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Mobile is king of the sky: United Airlines to buy 6,000 iPhone 6 Plus for its customer service employees

By Staff Writer

United Airlines announced that it will buy more than 6,000 iPhone 6 Plus for its customer service employees. The company will begin distributing the iPhones next year.

The devices will give the customer service representatives more mobility to help customers with travel related issues in the airline's U.S. hubs.

According to MacWorld, the United Airline's customer service representatives will use iPhone 6 Plus to print boarding passes and baggage tags from anywhere in the airport.

The employees will also have instant access to real-time flight information from anywhere, even when they're not behind the customer service counter. They will be able to assist travelers with flight options and other issues on the spot.

United Airlines' Senior Vice President Jon Roitman said that the company's employees need better tools to serve the customers, especially during severe weather and busier travel times.

He added that the company have seen great success with the custom made tools on the iPhone 6 Plus and believes expanding the use of a smartphone device with other applications is a great investment in the employees.

The United Airlines has been a flagship customer of Apple since few years ago, according to TechCrunch. Last year, the United Airlines bought 23,000 iPhone 6 Plus  for its flight attendants to replace safety manuals and to process in-flight food and drink sales.

Earlier in 2011 the company outfitted its 11,000 pilots with the iPads. The airline upgraded its pilots' iPads to the iPad Air 2 last year.

The United Airlines is not the only flight company that uses Apple devices. JetBlue Airways Corporations will outfit its flight attendants in NFC with iPad Mini to accept Apple Pay during selected flight between New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Apple has been trying to push its devices more deeply into the lucrative commercial and enter business markets, according to Business Insider. Apple's CEO Tim Cook said that the company can change the way people work.

Apple has changed from a customer focused into an enterprise-focused company. Tim Cook said that the company has changed the consumer's life, the way students learn and teachers teach.

He said that the change that Apple has made is not significant enough for the working environment, so the company will focus the developments in this area.

Apple's sales to large enterprise accounted for about $25 billion in annual Apple revenue in the last 12 months. It increased 40 percent over the prior year and represents a major growth vector for the future.

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