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Google will shut down Songza by the end of January next year

By Staff Writer

Google is officially in the music business as the company announces that it will now fully integrate Songza into its Google Play Music. The announcement was made by Songza team to its users and the company said that it will officially be under Google Music Play as of January 31st next year.

Google bought the company back in July 2014 for an undisclosed amount after seeing the huge potential in the different approach that Songza is offering to its users.

According to TechCrunch, some technology, and feature of the music streaming services has been systematically integrated into Google.

Songza is known for its feature that curate music for users based on what the users have been listening and bring that to users instead of users have to search for them. The services, use users' playlist history with time and date to better predict their mood during a certain time of the day and suggest a song for them.

The system used by Songza can also be referred to as half artificial intelligence technology.

VentureBeat reported that Songza subscribers' can already make the transition from them to Google Music by clicking a button on the website. Users will not have to worry about downloading a new app for this as all the music synchronization will be done online and no loss of users' playlist will occur.

The Songza team also assured their subscribers that there will be no changes in the app after the merge for the time being. One of its founder, Elliot Breece however, noted that there might only be small changes as he points out that "Maybe something in the settings menu".

As for the all four Songza founders, Apple Insider reported that they will continue to serve with the Google team even after the completion. The team will help Google to build and integrate the app to be marketed into other countries.

Through the integration, Google Music is expected to be able to rival other music streaming services soon especially Spotify and Pandora. But given the issue regarding different music licensing in a different country, the company will need to work faster to ensure that the new app will be available to all 60 countries that use the Google's app.

Currently, Google Music is offered for free and there are no words regarding any future changes. Google entry into the music streaming business could be disruptive to other rivals which have been acquiring lots of new technologies to improve their existing technology. This includes Pandora acquisition of Rdio for $75 million in November this year.

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