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LinkedIn Revolutionizes Its Mobile App: Appealing Difference To Enhance Use

By Staff Writer

Project Voyager, the new redesigned LinkedIn mobile app is creating quite a wave. It claims to offer a noticeably revolutionized experience along with the core focus on your successful professional voyage. This revamped application of LinkedIn is a step towards understanding the new modes of networking through the mobile.

The new flagship LinkedIn app which is supposed to launch today is a progressive way of boosting the use of the application. More than anything else, this mobile app keeps you informed about the activities from your connections. The Android and the iOS versions are sure to entice the users to use this application for the betterment.

According to the Venture Beat report, the new app is more organized and clean as compared to the earlier LinkedIn mobile apps. The past app versions seemed to be a mixture of various elements weaved together in order to promote the company's advertisements or any new service and achievements. The new Project Voyager is described as the "dashboard for your professional life" by the Chief Executive Jeff Weiner.

The flood of information from LinkedIn through numerous emails has been cut down. The users will receive fewer emails and the main feeds inside the mobile app have also been redesigned. The overall app appears visually pleasant and users will have the option to opt out of viewing certain content which are from tenuous or feeble contacts.

As per the Fortune news, on Tuesday the LinkedIn officials said that they would come up with an entirely new inbox design for desktop as well as mobile users. The revised LinkedIn mobile app version is more user-friendly like any other favorite messaging app or akin to chat service Slack, complete with emoji and GIFs.

The revamped app comprise of a 'Me' tab which gives the users an easy access to brand own image with complete edit profile options on a cleaner interface. LinkedIn is reported to be focusing more on the messaging option on the new app. The flagship LinkedIn app gets a revamped revolutionary design for messaging that has long been pending.

The 'My Network' tab on the app showcases new updates from contacts with the help of a card-like design. But, the users definitely want some magic that can prioritize the contact list or control the data which the user wishes to see instead of scrolling entire feeds.

According to the TechCrunch report, one useful element of the network tab is a feature that allows the user to sync the calendar ahead of any meeting. The app will give a snapshot of the person that the user is supposed to meet. Common interests and contacts can help the user to be prepared in a better way before the scheduled meeting.

The trade community certainly wants an app that can be beneficial and meaningful. Apart from the newly enhanced design of the mobile app, the users would definitely like to see the LinkedIn app with more utility features for a smooth professional journey.

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