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Microsoft is Preparing Surface High-End Smartphone

By Staff Writer

Surface phone will be the new high end smartphone from Microsoft. After a continuing failure from Lumia smatphone series, Microsoft will prepare a new arsenal in its mobile gadget with this smartphone.

According to Windows Central, its sources have revealed Microsoft plan to launch a new flagship phone, led by Panos Panay and his engineers in Microsoft Surface. The Microsoft Surface phone is to replace a cancelled Microsoft super-secret phone project, scheduled to launch in May 2016.

Microsoft has not been able to succeed in the mobile gadget and smartphone arena, especially with the recent defeat of Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950XL, launched last October. Microsoft and its former Nokia team has not been able to compete with Android and iOS. New approach with Microsoft Surface smartphone is expected to turn things around.

Surface is a Microsoft division that designs ands build hardware in an effort to integrate Windows OS with its own hardware. The division was established in 2012 to prepare Microsoft Surface hybrid tablet computer. Microsoft Surface is runnning Windows RT, a Windows 8 operating system for ARM architecture and launched in October 2012. However, Microsoft Surface was a failure in the market.

Venture Beat reported that the Surface team is working on a new premium smartphone, which will be ready in the second half of 2016. This might be the pure Surface phone many have hoped for.

Although Surface team has never achieved success in sales the division has succesfully built devices that are able to work well with Windows operating system. Upon the launching of Windows 10, Microsoft will discontinue porting of Windows OS into ARM architecture and focus into Intel architecture. As for its mobile device, Microsoft will prepare Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

USA Today reported that although Microsoft has done a good job and delivering first-rate hybrid devices like the Surface line, there is still a long mile to go. It is because to produce a smartphone, they need a lot of work. It seems the only option available is to create a new smartphone based on Surface, and maximizing its hardware design and built.

Following its purchase of Nokia business, Microsoft has never been able to make a spotlight in smartphone industry. Lumia series was a Nokia brand name and still possess Nokia's characteristic in its product, even though Microsoft has dropped the Nokia name from Lumia lineup. However, until now Nokia failure in smartphone competition still lingers.

In order to bring Microsoft characteristic in its smartphone product, Microsoft decides to utilize its own Surface to build a smartphone. However, it still does not guarantee success in the market dominated by Android and Apple.

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