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6 ways to put off financial dependency of your adult children

By Staff Writer

it is ok for the little kids to be financially dependent on parents as they are at their learning stage. But if the adult kids show full-time dependency on their guardian, this cause them long-term harm by being unable to manage their financial lives ahead and to stand on their feet.

According to COCPA, parents nowadays have labeled themselves as caretaker and provider to their children in every situation. They do not seem to say 'NO' to their children whatever happens. This makes the children think that they will be provided without doing any struggle for the rest of their lives.

When parents start to feel the financial burden of their grown up kids, they find themselves complaining. However, they themselves are responsible for such attitude of their adult children for the rest of their lives if they trained their children to be dependent on them.

This all starts with a commitment of taking care of their children and giving them every possible thing they ask for. Slowly and gradually, children's early wants become their needs. They start with smaller things like more toys and clothes than they need and then they expand their desires to cars, protracted college attendance, and no-limit credit cards.

This is just a start of potential long-term harm. Adult children with no financial limits at the start, with no financial responsibility, coupled with a lack of long-term independent expectations, leads to financially dependent children.

For financial management training of your children, attitude and behavior of both parents and children need to change. Like any therapist would say, it takes two sides for any behavior to become a pattern. There are a few basic steps you can take to help you and your children gain financial independence.

First, it's whole upon a parent to decide when it's time for your children to become financially independent.  Planning of living your own life without the financially and emotionally drainage to support can lead to the confrontation with your adult children.

Second, reduce the dependency of your adult children by resisting paying for their basics but helping them with extras, as mentioned by Forbes. Covering the basics can mean, "You can't stand on your own two feet." Teach your children how to cover their own food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and medical expenses but you can do something over and above.

Third, gift your children with financial education. Those who are continuously struggling with savings and fruitful investment, financial advisor are necessary to keep them motivated.  

As reported by Life Hack, children should be guided that they should not stick to only one job to fulfill their basic and extra desires. There should always be more than one sources of income and even embrace entrepreneurship.

Fifth, as a parent you need to change your behavior first by not accumulating unnecessary things, as children learn what they see. Show them what smart buying is by setting yourself as an example.

Lastly, leadership capability is one the major factors leading to success in an individual. Leadership skills include proactivity, responsibility, empathy, creativity, vision, and public speaking skills. Teach your introvert and extrovert children these skills.

Take an action against your children's financial dependency on you to prevent possible long-term harm to your children and you.

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