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GE Healthcare introduces Cloud Services that would process and store Health Data

By Staff Writer

GE Healthcare introduced a cloud-based place that could store patients' records online to make it easier for health professionals from different facilities to see patients' information.

According to Fast Company, the subsidiary of General Electric in the health industry announced their GE Health Cloud service. This new technology would link medical devices from all over the world to store and process data and records securely online. Now doctors from different hospitals can access vital patients' information.

"Our ultimate goal is to help improve patient care and drive superior clinical, financial and operational outcomes alongside healthcare providers," said GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt in a report by PR News Wire. "As the digital industrial leader, we are betting big on the GE Health Cloud. By connecting clinicians with the insights needed, when and where they need them, clinicians can take action to improve healthcare outcomes and delivery around the globe."

Enterprise Times reported that GE Healthcare plans to connect 500,000 imaging machines and roll out a series of various apps in line with the GE Health Cloud. Meanwhile, Dell and Telstra also recently announced their own cloud services for healthcare advancements that would enhance image data accessibility.

GE ensures that its Health Cloud service meets US HIPPA privacy regulations for storing and processing healthcare records. The cloud-based record storing technology by GE will be launched late spring next year. GE Healthcare IT CEO said they will expand their services to include other healthcare aspects.

GE will also launch the Centricity TM Cloud Advanced Visualization that would let radiologists and healthcare professionals view advanced 3-D images wherever they are and at any time of the day. Another app is the Centricity Multi-Disciplinary Team Virtual Meeting, which makes it easier for radiologists and pathologists conduct their meetings. 

GE will also launch the Centricity Case Exchange app, which would allow third party systems to share images and data. Finally, there is the Centricity Image Access Portal, which would enhance patient reports.

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