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Using Artificial Photosynthesis to deal with Global Warming: Turning Sunlight into Clean Energy

By Staff Writer

Artificial photosynthesis has already been introduced by scientists. However, it is considered to be an exotic procedure in recent times.

To make the concept easier, the oxygen-giving plants around your home cannot be used to turn the sunlight into clean energy. Therefore, the world needs a smart, convenient and affordable procedure to produce artificial photosynthesis.

However, the researchers at Florida State University have found a breakthrough approach for making it applicable for the real-world. According to the Engadget report, the scientists have developed a single-layer manganese oxide material that efficiently traps sunlight and makes it easy to break down the solar energy into hydrogen and oxygen.

Existing light-gathering methods, like solar cells often require multiple layers just to function. The latest technique would be far cheaper and simpler to create.  Even if the material is far away from escaping the lab, it is easy to assume how it would prove to be useful in the practical world.

While Hydrogen-fueled cars could generate some of their supply on their own, households with special roofs could provide oxygen without demanding exceptional plant beds. People might not want to ditch their garden. However, several natural things around you could contribute something back to the environs.

On the recent U.N climate change inauguration in Paris, the nations from all over the world met to try dealing with the global warming issue. As per The Guardian news, after two decades of failing to agree, there is finally hope that a deal will be reached, with action to commence in 2020, and run until 2030. Although the world wonders whether the Paris Meet would be a success or not, it is already creating quite a buzz.

For the last decade, the Intergovernmental Panel has tracked the worst case scenario of greenhouse gases emissions responsible for Climate Change.The figures related to human-caused greenhouse gases which were deadly. If people wish to deal with the global warming by planting trees, they might need 50 years of time as well a massive size forest like the size of entire Australia.

It is people's responsibility to maintain the vegetation in a healthy state. The entire procedure seems next to impossible keeping the unmanageable usage of greenhouse gas in mind. Therefore, dealing with global warming especially eliminating greenhouse issue is only possible through artificial photosynthesis.

However, as per the Economist report, the second-best way to tackle climate change, economists insist, is through a global carbon tax.

Undoubtedly, the climate change is happening worldwide and the causes are human-made to a great extent. No one will deny that the situation is becoming exceedingly hazardous. In order to deal with this emerging crisis, using artificial photosynthesis could be the best bet ever.

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