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Cards Against Humanity: The team's nothing-for-something deal raised $71K this Black Friday

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This year, Black Friday came up with lots of surprising deals for their customers. 'Cards Against Humanity' team also stepped forward to surprise its fans for promoting a deal-pay with nothing in return.

According to Tech Crunch, US is flooded with customers buying exclusive Black Friday deals this year. However, Cards Against Humanity team also participated and promoted their own Black Friday Campaign. Surprisingly, the campaign asked the customers to pay them $5 with nothing in return. Moreover, it received a good response as 11,248 of buyers liked the page. 

The team also shared their success on the website and revealed that in one day period, they managed to raise a grand total of $71,145. They even listed the items the team members would be buying with the money, considering it as an early holiday bonus.

The team wrote, "This year we offered our customers the ultimate Black Friday experience - the ability to buy nothing from us for $5. We took our entire store offline, and put up a simple payment form where people could give us $5.11,248 people gave us $5, and 1,199 people gave us more than $5 by filling out the form more than once. One enthusiastic fan gave us $100. In the end, we made a windfall profit of $71,145."

It also added that "Cards Against Humanity is known for our charitable fundraising - since 2012 we've raised nearly $4 million for organizations we love like Worldbuilders, the Sunlight Foundation, the EFF,, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Chicago Design Museum. We even started a $500,000 full-ride scholarship for women getting degrees in science. There's been a lot of speculation about how we would spend the money from Black Friday, and we're happy to announce that this time, we kept it all. Here's what we bought."

As mentioned by 9News, Cards Against Humanity team made it clear that they intend to spend all the money by themselves. It also listed all the purchases, the team members had made with the generated money.

Claire, one of the team members spent on a car while Jenn bought Lord of the Rings Legolas Lothlorien Long Bow worth US$800 (AU$1112). Maria spent US$480 (AU$667) on scotch, Alex bought kitty litter worth US$500 (AU$695), and Henry bought his mum a car.

Since 2012, the company has reportedly been donating almost $4 million to charities. But this year's Black Friday, they intended to keep all its hard-earn money from selling nothing, as mentioned by Daily News. However, the team members donated a portion of their profit to charities. That also included a $3,320 donation to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Not all the fans took the nothing-for-something deal positively as according to a "lost customer" identified by Ryan in an email sent to the team,"Because you have chosen to close your site I will not be purchasing anything from your company ever again," the upset fan wrote. "I don't care it's Black Friday, but I still expect service from your website."

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