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Enterprise Servers Gets A Boost With Mass Production Of Samsung’s First 128-GB DDR4 Modules

By Staff Writer

The 128 gigabyte monstrous RAM chip is developed by Samsung Electronics. The Double Data Rate-4 memory is being produced in mass volume 'through silicon via TSV' in 128 GB modules. With the introduction of the registered dual inline memory module (RDIMM) registered under TSV, Samsung Electronics marked a breakthrough for the mega-high aptitude memory at the enterprise stage.

According to the Samsung news reports, the memory marketing and sales executive VP of Samsung Electronics, Joo Sun Choi said, "We are pleased that volume production of our high speed, low-power 128GB TSV DRAM module will enable our global IT customers and partners to launch a new generation of enterprise solutions with dramatically improved efficiency and scalability for their investment."

Samsung officials explain that 144 chips are squeezed in with 36 packages of 4GB each to develop the craziest 128BG memory. In comparison to any of the DRAM modules in recent times, this newly developed chip brags the maximum energy efficiency and biggest capacity. It's rapid and swift too with a 2400 mega byte per second run.

As per the reports of Gizmodo, this chip is designed for the enterprise servers. The "through silicon via" manufacturing technique from Samsung is used to develop this monster memory chip. Other than any traditional wiring technique that is found in any other RAM chip, the company is instructed to connect the RAM chip vertically with the help of electrodes passing through the holes. This method helps in building memory in larger 3D stacks. The same footprint is used to grasp in additional memory. This will also allow for a noteworthy increase in the signal broadcast.

The highly amplified RAM density of 128GB DIMMS will be very useful for the users. The price is still not known, but it can be predicted that many servers will not be happily ready to work with such expensive augmented RAM.

According to The Register, the Korean company promises to "a complete lineup of its new high-performance TSV DRAM modules within the next several weeks including 128GB load reduced DIMMs." It's also pledging "e modules with data transfer speeds of up to 2,667Mbps and 3,200Mbps that help to meet intensifying enterprise server needs, while expanding TSV applications into high bandwidth memory (HBM) and consumer products."

This simple regular looking RAM chip packs in a crazy 128GB memory into its small and tiny frame. Samsung commits to maintaining its leadership in technology with the introduction of more powerful TSV DRAM.

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